Google My Business Checklist and Local SEO Tips

Google My Business Quick Optimization Checklist | 20+ Critical Local SEO Tips To Rank On Maps

Google is constantly evolving Google My Business (GMB) to include more features. These features are critical in managing the online presence of your local business and also in ranking your local business on Google search results and Google maps. We have created a checklist of basic and advanced checkpoints to help to improve your local business listing on GMB and boost your Local SEO.

If you're an internet-savvy business owner, you already know what Google my business is. But, if you don't know what GMB is, check out our post on Google My Business - All You Need To Know.

If your business isn't already on Google My Business, you can create a free listing here.

You can now download this checklist in pdf format and share it with your team members.

Google My Business Checklist:

Basic Points:

  • Create or claim your business listing on GMB
  • Add Name Address & Phone number (NAP) - Make sure your business NAP remains constant through the internet for maximum results.
  • Set precise location pin on the map
  • Add business description
  • Add working (open) hours
  • Add Real & High-Quality Images
  • Get at least 10 detailed reviews of your product or service from your customers
  • Add Business category

Advanced Points:

  • Add real business videos
  • Consistent NAP with the website & social media profiles. (name, address & phone number)
  • Local landline number
  • Activate Q&A section
  • Add informative GMB posts regularly
  • Add additional business category
  • Activate direct messaging
  • Add a virtual tour of your business
  • Use GMB website builder if you don't already have a business website
  • Add an appointment URL to your calendar.
  • Add full list of your services with detailed description
  • Add special hours (for holidays)

Bonus tips:

  • Use GMB Insights to optimize your listing.
  • Integrate Google Analytics with GMB to get even more insight into keywords and other search data.
  • Add booking option (If applicable)

Pro tips:

  • Download the GMB app on your phone & track your GMB activity and customer messages.
  • Regularly monitor Q&A and provide valuable information to your customers.
  • Reply to reviews on GMB to increase trust.

Hope our GMB checklist helps you improve your Local SEO and drive more free leads to your business. Let us know in the comments below how many critical points were missing in your listing and how this checklist has helped your business.

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