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The Perfect Social Media Marketing Plan [Infographic]

Five steps to creating a perfect social media marketing plan:

  1. Choose the ideal social network for your business
  2. Fill out your business profiles completely
  3. Find the right voice and tone for your business
  4. Pick your posting strategy that best suits your business needs
  5. Analyze and test and optimize

1. Choose Your Social Network - You don't have to be on all social media platforms. You just need to be on the ones that matter to your business. Each platform is best for selected businesses only. For example - Facebook is good if you are running a B2C business and LinkedIn is good if you are running a B2B business. Pinterest is good if your business carets to a young, mostly women audience. Instagram is best to target the young population. So choose the social platform that is most suitable to your target audience. Refer to our infographic below for more information.

2. Fill out your profiles completely - An incomplete profile show unprofessionalism. To present yourself as a professional, you have to have a complete profile on each platform you are present on. A complete profile is also necessary for cohesive branding and to show to your prospects that you mean serious business. Refer to our infographic below to get a better idea.

3. Find your voice and tone - Voice here means your mission statement and tone means how you implement that mission statement. What is your goal with social media marketing? Is it to increase awareness, or to engage with prospects, or to get new leads, etc. Whatever it is, be sure about your mission, your goals to have a successful social media marketing campaign. refer to our infographic below to know more.

4. Pick your posting strategy - Find the best combination of amazing content, ideal frequency and perfect timing to post content on your social media pages. Formulate a strategy that suits your business needs and stick to it. Decide what type of post are the best for your audience. For example - Videos are best if you are running an awareness campaign, Links are the best if you are running a traffic or leads campaign. The ideal posting time and frequency are different for each social media platform. Refer to our infographic below to know about it in detail.

5. Analyze and test - Analysis and testing are critical for a successful social media marketing strategy. Most social media platforms provide business pages with extensive insights for their posts, audience, and engagement. Analyze, test and optimize each aspect of your social media marketing strategy to get the most desired outcome. For example, see which type of post receive the highest engagement, which time of the day is most engaging for your audience, etc.

Check out our infographic below to understand each point in detail:

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Social Media Marketing Plan Infographic:

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