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Guidelines for Guest Posting on the Aero Business Solutions Blog

We appreciate your interest in the ABS blog. We adore guest posts and sponsored posts because they let us offer a broad range of topics to our readers. We accept the following topics – Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Design & Development, Entrepreneurship, Business, and Startups. However, we receive a lot of requests, and we are unable to accommodate them all. The best chance you’ll have to get your guest post accepted for our site is to follow these rules.

We accept the following:

  1. Guest Posts: Free posts that are strictly informational in nature. Guest posts must provide in-depth information to our readers and must be strictly non-promotional in nature. You can only add backlinks to other relevant blog posts to your sites in the free guest post.
  2. Sponsored Posts: Sponsored posts are paid posts that are informational + promotional. Sponsored posts must also provide in-depth information to our readers. Sponsored posts can be slightly promotional but they should still provide lots of valuable information to our readers that is not available elsewhere. You can add backlinks to the homepage, products or services pages, or other landing pages in the sponsored post. Overtly promotional sponsored posts will be rejected.

Guest post requirements

Although we adore guest blogs, we do receive numerous requests nearly every day. A lot of the articles we receive are very poorly written and are focused solely on gaining backlinks.

Guest posts and sponsored posts on the ABS blog MUST fulfill the primary requirement of our readers. That is, the blog must provide highly valuable, unique, actionable, and in-depth information on the topic. Aero Business Solutions only approves posts that are excellent, timely, accurate, actionable, unique, and provide exceptional value to our readers.

NOTE: If you’re about to submit a poorly written article that doesn’t provide valuable, unique, actionable, and in-depth information to our readers and is focused only on gaining a backlink, then please save us some time and DON’T bother submitting your article.

We are very much committed to NOT making our blog a dumping ground for useless content.

The best chance you’ll have to get your guest post accepted and gain a high-value backlink from our site is by providing exceptional value to our readers.

Topics we accept for our blog are:

  1. Digital Marketing
    • SEO
    • SEM
    • SMM
    • PPC
    • Email
    • Content
    • Lead Generation
    • Other Digital Marketing subcategories
  2. Website Design & Development
    • UI/UX
    • CRO
    • User Engagement
    • Design Templates
    • Hosting
    • CMS – WordPress, Shopify, etc.
    • Other web design and development subcategories
  3. Entrepreneurship
    • Technology
    • Wealth
    • Starting a Business
    • Leadership
    • Marketing
    • Business Models
    • Growth Hacking
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Online Business
    • Finance
    • Inspiration
    • Other entrepreneurship topics

Here are a few essentials requirements for guest posting approval on our site:

  • Original ideas, strong reasoning, and excellent writing. Anything that has already been published elsewhere won’t be republished by us.
  • The tone and writing style of the article should match that of our blog. We try to be friendly but helpful, and we normally avoid using too much jargon and technical terms.
  • Short introductions, several headings, and subheadings, brief paragraphs, value-adding graphics, etc. are all acceptable.
  • The accurate attribution of information, quotes, and external content should be included in the piece. Note: All data must be recent—within the previous two years, ideally.
  • In the body of the post, there should only be three links to your company’s website.
  • In a free Guest post, up to 3 backlinks can only point to other blog posts on your company website.
  • In a Sponsored post, up to 3 backlinks can point to the homepage, products, services, blogs, and other landing pages.
  • Include links to at least three other blog pieces from Aero Business Solutions in your writing.

Post Specification Guidelines:

  • Long articles: at least 2000 words
  • A 150 words brief introduction of the article. Tell the reader what the article will address after introducing your topic.
  • Conversational, not formal, friendly tone!
  • Original, useful, well-organized, and of high caliber!
  • Headings, subheadings, should be added to the post and the paragraphs should be brief to facilitate quick reading and skimmability.
  • Screenshots, graphs, charts, idea graphics, photos from previous postings, etc. are examples of images.
  • NO STOCK PICTURES A few memes are OK. Images that are not ours or yours must be credited by using the “Image source” anchor text underneath each image.
  • 3 maximum backlinks per post. More external links may be added by ABS staff if relevant.
  • Backlinks on Guest Posts can be to blog posts on your site and cannot be pointing to the homepage, products, or service pages.
  • Unnaturally placed backlinks, brand name backlinks, and overtly promotional backlinks will not be accepted.
  • Backlinks should not be added in the first 300 words of the article.
  • For backlinks to the homepage, products or services pages or other landing pages check out the Sponsored Post section for more details.
  • A one to three phrase bio that may link to your website or social media sites.

We don’t accept the following types of posts and article contents on our blog:

  • Thin writing that shows a lack of expertise on the subject.
  • Anything that has previously been covered on our blog. Before submitting your articles, kindly conduct a search on our website.
  • Fluff and superfluous content. And also filler language that says a lot with little words.
  • Anything that might be interpreted as an attempt to develop links.
  • Anything that overtly promotes your business or organization.
  • Content that has already appeared or is sponsored.
  • Anything false or insulting.
  • Something that is excessively critical of people or businesses.
  • Stock photos!

Other Terms & Guidelines:

  • Contributions may be rejected by editors if they so determine.
  • We restrict the repeated publication of your guest post on your personal blog, LinkedIn, Medium, or
  • The blogging staff at Aero Business Solutions reserves the right to edit and modify your guest blog content as we see fit and to later update it for completeness and accuracy. More external links may be added by ABS staff if relevant.
  • The right to add calls-to-action to ABS content, such as but not limited to email newsletters, ebooks, and other digital content, is reserved by Aero Business Solutions.
  • Contributed posts may, on occasion, be deleted from the blog and their URLs recycled.

Sponsored Post

We accept press releases, paid posts, promoted posts, and sponsored blog posts with backlinks to product pages and the homepage of a website.

Sponsored blog posts must be informational and must be relevant to the topics published on the blog and must be written by you. We accept a minimum of 1000 words of a highly informational article.

All of our guest posting rules apply to sponsored posts and the only exceptions are:

  1. You can add a backlink to your home page, product, or service page on a sponsored post published at ABS Blog.
  2. You can promote your company, product, or service in a sponsored post.
  3. At the bottom of the post, a disclaimer text will be added to fairly inform our readers that the article is a sponsored post.

Make sure you make your sponsored Informative + Promotional. Overtly promotional articles will be rejected. Get the approval for your sponsored post from our team before making the payment.

A sponsored post is a premium service, contact us at guestpost [at] aerobusinesssolutions [dot] com for pricing and other details.

How to Submit a Guest Post or a Sponsored Post for ABS Blog.

NOTE: As mentioned earlier, If you’re about to submit a poorly written article that doesn’t provide valuable, unique, actionable, and in-depth information to our readers and is focused only on gaining a backlink, then please save us some time and DON’T bother submitting your article.

We are very much committed to NOT making our blog a dumping ground for useless content.

Step 1: Verify to determine if the subject has previously been covered. To thoroughly investigate the topics of our blogs, use the Google site search.

Step 2: As previously mentioned, format your post properly. We allow brief introductions, a lot of headings and subheadings, brief paragraphs, value-adding photographs, etc. The article must include at least 2000 words. The length of a paragraph should not exceed three to five sentences, and it should be formatted using H2s, H3s, and H4s as needed. To help break up long sections of dense material, add bulleted lists. Number + period should be used to format numbered lists. Include a conclusion at all times. Additionally, each image’s source should be identified using a link.

Step 3: Submit your pitch of finished blog post to guestpost [at] aerobusinesssolutions [dot] com with the following:

  • Structured subject line: “Guest Pitch: [Proposed Title of Post]”
  • Your finished article or pitch in a Google Document with “anyone with the link” editing access enabled.
  • If you’re including images, make sure they’re compressed and add them into the Google Document, and provide proper attribution with link below each image.
  • A brief author bio, a photo, and any URLs to your Twitter or LinkedIn profiles that you’d like to link.

We will respond to let you know whether your piece will be published if it satisfies our editorial standards and is consistent with our content strategy. Depending on the demands of our editorial calendar, that process could take up to four weeks, and the publication date might be later. 

Due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot respond to all submissions.