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21 Powerful Lead Generation Strategies [Infographic]

21 tips to 10X your lead generation:

  1. Create dedicated landing pages
  2. Use opt-in contact offers
  3. Add opt-in forms to your site
  4. Direct traffic with calls to action
  5. Use social proof in your copy
  6. Collect emails in your store
  7. Use an explainer video
  8. Use the "Content Upgrade"
  9. Tap into the power of feedback
  10. Create great videos
  11. Visualize your site's traffic
  12. Use benefit rich, action-oriented copy
  13. Make posts available to download
  14. Collect commenter emails
  15. Use exit intent popup forms
  16. Host a contest
  17. Speedup your website
  18. A/B test everything
  19. Direct SlideShare traffic
  20. Use twitter lead cards
  21. Answer questions on Quora

1. Create Landing Pages: Landing pages are the pages on your website that are used to convert regular traffic to subscribers or customers. These pages are used to capture distinctive prospect details like emails and phone numbers. Some landing pages are used to directly to sell product or services.

2. Use Opt-In Content Offers: Content marketing should be the core of your lead generation engine. Use high-value content to build trust and establish authority, this in return will help you make your website visitors to opt-in for more content.

3. Add Opt-In Forms To Your Site: Using opt-in forms on your site can help you increase conversions by up to 200%. Place Opt-in forms in the middle of valuable content or on the sidebars or you can even create popup opt-in forms. Test which form is the most effective for your business and optimize accordingly. I have found out that multi-step forms are the most effective opt-in forms especially when you ask for emails in the last step.

4. Direct Traffic With Calls To Action: High converting websites have clearly visible or even highlighted Call To Actions that are usually above the fold or are presented to visitors with 3 seconds of visiting a page. This is a tricky part, so make sure you don't irritate your visitors with unnecessary popups and CTA boxes.

5. Use Social Proof In Your Copy: Using social proof will help you build trust with your website visitors. Most people trust online reviews as much as a review form a friend. So don't forget to make full use of your previous clients reviews to get more conversions.

6. Collect Emails In Your Store: This goes without saying - Always collect emails in your offline store, during offline marketing drives, seminars, etc. This will give an edge over your competitors and build your email list very quickly.

7. Use An Explainer Video: Videos are quickly taking over the internet. You should also make full use of videos on your website. Most visitors are more likely to engage in video content compared to textual content. Place an explainer video just above an opt-in form. This will engage visitors with video content and will make them more likely to convert.

8. Use The "Content Upgrade": Distinguish free and premium content on your website. Make premium content available only to subscribers. This will give your visitors an incentive to subscribe.

9. Tap Into The Power Of Feedback: Take feedback from your website visitors. This will encourage them to start a conversation with you and in return give you a chance to convert them.

10. Create Gated Videos In Westia: Westia is a video hosting website like YouTube but with powerful conversion tools like a call to action and email collectors that can help you convert more visitors.

11. Visualize You Site's Traffic: Use heat maps, scroll maps and mouse tracking tools to get a visual idea of how people browse through your website. This will help you place CTA on the best locations for higher conversions.

12. Use Benefit Rich Action Oriented Copy: Increase your conversion rates by using "value terms" like features, limited, exclusive, etc. This increases the perceived value of your premium content/product and prompts visitors to signup or buy.

13. Make Posts Available To Download: Some people like to have access to content offline. This makes the content more accessible and more shareable. Giving your visitors an option to download can boost your conversions dramatically.

14. Collect Commenter Emails: Create engaging content that encourages visitors to comment and collect the emails of all commenters. This will help you avoid spam emails and also build a highly targeted email list.

15. Use Exit Intent Pop Up Forms: Pop up forms can work wonders when used properly. Exit intent forms take this a step further by targeting visitors only when they are about to leave your website.

16. Host A Contest: Using a tool like woobox, you can create a photo/video contest on social media that require an email to enter. Don't forget to collect and share all the unique content your audience creates.

17. Speed Up Your Website: A one-second delay on your website can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. Use free tools like Google page speed checker to check and optimize your website.

18. A/B Test Everything: Test all CTA's, titles, features images, etc to see which perform best. A/B testing can save you a lot of time and money and also boos your lead conversions dramatically.

19. Direct Slideshare Traffic:  Direct traffic form websites like Slideshare to your website and capture this traffic with high converting CTA.

20. Use Twitter Lead Cards: Using Twitter ads platform you can create one-click opt-in ads that generate new subscribers by making the opt-in process incredibly quick and simple.

21. Answer Questions On Quora: Create a dedicated account on Quora and follow all the topics linked to your business. If you find a question that is related to your business or product or niche, answer it and add a couple of links in your answer that takes Quora traffic to your website. This will also increase your website domain authority and SEO.

Check out our infographic below to understand each point in detail:/


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Lead Generation Infographic:

lead generation strategies

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