infographic description of how to convert leads to sales through an online sales funnel involving lead magnet, target audience, marketing budget and the four steps of funnel awareness, interest, decision and action.

How To Convert More Leads To Sales Easily


A lot of the businesses generate plenty of leads but are not able to convert these leads to paying customers. We have researched and studied hundreds of leads generated by us and our clients and identified the ten most important factors that help in the conversion of new leads to sales.

  1. Keep Things Simple: Less is more when it comes to lead generation and conversion. Try to keep your landing and sales pages simple. Avoid lengthy passages and come straight to the point. This helps in keeping your visitors focused on what really matters.
  2. Only include one offer on your landing page: Create a landing page with one specific goal. Make sure your landing page is not making it difficult for your potential clients to make decisions. To understand this better, consider the example of ordering food online. When we have a lot of restaurants, meals, cuisines, etc to choose from, it becomes very difficult to make a decision. This shouldn't happen on your landing and sales pages.
  3. Make sure you include all the standard landing page elements: The five essential elements of a landing page are - 1. Main heading and description 2. A Compelling Call To Action 3. Benefit-driven features 4. Social proof and testimonials 5. Closing argument
  4. Highlight the benefits of your offer with a shortlist of bullet points: People aren't usually bothered to read paragraphs of information when you can give them the summary quickly. Tell them how you can solve their problems in the shortest manner possible.
  5. Don't ask for too much information: Asking too much information in the signup form of the checkout forms can result is lower conversions. Make sure you ask for information that is absolutely necessary and nothing more.

Having a professionally designed fast loading website is one the most important factors when it comes to lead generation and online sales. Our team of professionals provides premium website design and development services at an affordable cost. If you planning to get a website for your business, contact us today to get a free design & analysis consultation.

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