google my business guide to local and small business official guide 2020

A Small Business Guide to Google My Business [Infographic] Official Guide 2021

Google my business helps to promote your local brick and mortar business’ visibility on location-based searches on Google.

If people are looking for your product or service online, Google my business can help you present your business to these people and help you grow your business.

In short, Google My Business makes sure your business gets found online by people searching for it at that locality.

In the last year or so, Google has added a range of options to improve the Google My Business listings.

This includes features like short blog posts which can appear in relevant local search results.

Google has also added analytics tools to help local businesses understand how people are discovering them via search and optimize it.

These can be very beneficial tools for discovery - if you're a small business and you're not using Google My Business as of yet, you should start using it immediately.

So how do you use Google My Business effectively?

The infographic below outlines the most important how and why of Google My Business listings.

google my small business infographic 1

What Is Google My Business and why small businesses use it?

Google my business is a free tool by Google to help small and local businesses list their business on Google.

Google my business helps you take control of your business's brand and location.

It provides you the availability to list your products and services online. Important communication details of your business like location, phone number working hours, offers, etc can also be listed on your Google My Business profile.

What Google My Business Allows You To Do?

  1. Get Noticed By Genuine Potential Customers - Your customers and prospects are searching online for the products and services your business provides. With Google My Business you can get your business noticed by genuine potential customers looking for your products or services online.
  2. Manage Your Reputation - Checking online reviews before purchasing has become a new normal. Google My Business helps you manage the online reputation and reviews of your business.
  3. Generate More Business - Once you have control over your online reputation you'll be able to generate a lot more business through local searches on Google through your Google My Business listing.


Why small businesses use Google My Business?

  1. According to a statistical report, 4 out of 5 people use local search engines like Google and Bing for information on businesses in their neighborhood. If you are not listed on Google my business, your business will miss out on this huge opportunity.
  2.  70% of customers visit a store or make a purchase after an online search on local products or services. So Google my business can help you increase your business by a lot.
  3. 85% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues. Google My Business gives you the opportunity to improve your trust and reliability in the market by means of online reputation management and customer reviews.

How to create your Google My Business listing in 7 simple steps?

  1. Sign In To Google Business: Log into Google and go to this link and click Manage Now.
  2. Enter Your Business Name: Start typing the name of your business and if Google already has a listing, click the name.
  3. Enter Your Address And Other Details: If Google doesn't have your business listing already, including address.
  4. Mark Your Business Location On The Map: On the next screen, move the location pin to the exact location of your business on the map. That'll help your customers find your business location easily on the internet.
  5. Setup Delivery & Service Areas: If your business offers deliveries in and around the neighborhood, you can set up your delivery method and service area.
  6. Select Your Business Category: Select the category under which your business falls. Start by typing the category name and select the one that fits your business the best.
  7. Enter Contact Details: Select how you'd like your customers to get in touch with you. Provide communication details like the phone number of your professional business website.if your business doesn't already have a website, you can get an awesome premium website for your business or a free one built based on your business data on Google My Business itself.
7 steps to create a google my business listing for your local business shop or office infographic

How can I claim my business listing if someone else has already claimed it on Google My Business?

  1. How to reclaim your storefront business listing on Google My Business?
    • Step 1 - Request Access: Click request access after you see a message indicating that someone else has certified the listing.
    • Step 2 - Fill out the form and specify what level of access you want - "owner" if it's your business.
    • The current listing owner will get an email asking them to get in touch with you.
  2. How to reclaim your service area business listing on Google My Business?
    • Step 1 - Enter your business information and complete the verification process.
    • Step 2 - After receiving the verification, you'll see an "Owner Conflict" dialogue box.
    • Step 3 - Click Request Access and the current listing owner will receive an email asking them to contact you.
  3. How to reclaim bulk verified accounts in Google My Business?
    • Step 1 - Upload the location information via the spreadsheet found on the locations page
    • Step 2 - Open the uploaded location and a duplicate will show the message 'Owner Conflict'.
    • Step 3 - Click request access and the current listing owner will receive an email asking them to get in touch with you.
  4. Next Steps
    • If Approved - You'll be notified via email
    • If Denied - You'll be notified via and you can still suggest an edit to the listing. In some cases, you can also lodge an appeal.
    • If Ignored - If you don't get a response after 7 days, look for a claim or verify button on your dashboard and you can still be able to claim your business.
3 ways to reclaim your google by business listing if someone else has claimed it infographic

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