Local SEO Case Study: Pune Services Client

Powerful SEO Results For A Startup Client

PTS wanted to reduce its dependence on paid ads and PPC marketing and wanted to generate more leads from organic traffic. ABS helps Pune Services optimize its website to attract more targeted, intent-based organic traffic as well as improve the conversion and lead generation rate on the newly launched website.


Improvement Organic Lead
Generation and Conversion rate


Lead generation is now
from free organic traffic.


Keywords ranked on
Google in just 12 months!


Increase in organic traffic
in under 12 months.

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About Pune Services

PTS simplifies the procurement and exchange of educational records from Universities. They help local and foreign students get their educational records, official transcripts, Medium of Instruction, or Syllabus Copies from all Universities. PTS is atop rated transcript services company in Pune.

The Challenge

Lead Generation through SEO & lowering the dependence on PPC ads is a key part of PTS's digital strategy, and they wanted a partner they could trust to deliver results.

PTS's website was designed and developed by keeping the end goals of the company in focus -

  1. Attracting targeted local organic traffic
  2. Converting website visitors to leads

PTS relied heavily on PPC advertisements to generate leads. As more and more competitors joined the race, PPC ads became too expensive and too competitive to be sustainable in the long run. So for the long-term sustainability of the business, the PTS team decided to gradually reduce the dependence on PPC ads and move on to the generation of organic local traffic.

Website Design & Development - Everything from website colors to strategic placements of CTA's was implemented to maximize targeted lead generation from local searches. ABS also placed an emphasis to improve the user experience on the website. This helped in lowering bounce rates and increasing the average time on the page.

This resulted in a massive gain of targeted & intent-based organic traffic and higher user conversion on the website.

Our challenge was to strategically structure, design & develop the entire website and boost organic user acquisition and onsite engagement. A complete redo of the on-page SEO was also implemented to improve the website's performance on search results.

Pune Transcript Services website design by ABS Digital Agency Bangalore 1

Business Growth

Since partnering with ABS, the PTS website has had a massive uptick in organic search traffic. This has helped them gradually lower their dependence on PPC ads and stay ahead of their competition in the long-term sustainability of their business.

Working with us, PTS has seen:

  • 100% Lead Generation targets are now accomplished only through organic traffic and without spending a dime on PPC ads.
  • 258% Increase in organic user conversion and lead generation rate
  • 4100+ Keywords ranked on Google in just 12 months
  • 399% increase in organic traffic in under 12 months.

PTS's team shared they were impressed by our commitment to complete drive results on time. They were also impressed by our SEO team's expansive knowledge of the Local Business Ranking and Lead Generation Optimization.


Keywords ranked in
Google search results
in just 12 months


Lead generation from
free organic and highly
target local traffic from


Improvement Organic Lead
Generation and Conversion rate


Increase in organic traffic
in under 12 months.

Digital Marketing Solutions Implemented

For PTS we implemented a custom digital marketing strategy that includes:

As part of a digital growth partnership with ABS, PTS gets access to a dedicated growth manager who acts as a point of contact between the client's team and our expert digital marketers.

PTS shared their experience working with ABS: "I am very impressed by your SEO team's command on white hat local SEO strategies that have reduced our PPC ads dependence completely in just 12 months."

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PTS reflected: "Since partnering with ABS, we have been able to gradually reduce our dependence on PPC ads in just 12 months."

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