SEO Case Study: Skkanda House Of Jewellery

Powerful Local SEO Results For a Local Store

Skkanda jewellery shop in Bangalore wanted to increase its online visibility to help improve the footfall in its physical store located in Jayanagar Bangalore. The idea was to use online marketing, Local SEO to be prise to improve offline sales.

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About Skkanda House Of Jewellery

Skkanda House of Jewellery is a local jewellery store located in Jayanagar Bangalore, a busy commercial area of the city. The store specializes in handcrafted and custom-made silver jewellery for weddings, engagements, and other special occasions. The store was facing challenges in generating leads and footfall due to stiff competition from established jewellery stores in the area. Therefore, the store owners decided to leverage local SEO and website design and development to improve their online presence and visibility.

The Challenge

The challenge in the Skkanda House of Jewellery case study was to improve the store's online presence and increase footfall by leveraging local SEO and website design. The competition in the jewelry industry is fierce, and with a limited budget, it was crucial to find an effective and efficient strategy. The team needed to identify the most relevant keywords for the local area and develop a website that not only looked great but also followed best practices for on-page optimization. Additionally, they needed to create a compelling GMB profile to stand out in the Google 3-pack and displace multiple competitor listings. Despite the challenges, the team was able to create a comprehensive strategy that successfully increased engagement, lead generation, and ultimately, store footfall.


The first step in the strategy was to redesign and develop the Skkanda House of Jewellery website, making it responsive, user-friendly, and visually appealing. The website was optimized for faster loading speed and mobile responsiveness, ensuring a seamless user experience for potential customers.

Next, the focus was on local SEO for the website, starting with keyword research and selection. The most searched keywords related to jewellery stores in the local area were identified, and the website was optimized to rank for those keywords. On-page optimization techniques such as meta titles, descriptions, and headings were used to optimize the website content.

Off-page SEO was equally important, and the strategy included building high-quality backlinks from local business directories and other relevant websites. This helped improve the website's domain authority and increase the chances of ranking higher in local search results.

The final piece of the strategy was to create high-quality and relevant content for the website and Google My Business (GMB) profile. The content was created to provide value to potential customers and rank higher in search results. The content included blogs, articles, infographics, and videos, all related to the jewellery industry and the products and services offered by Skkanda House of Jewellery.

Business Growth

The local SEO and website design and development strategy helped Skkanda House of Jewellery achieve its goals of ranking in the Google 3-pack and improving lead generation and footfall. Here are the results:

  1. Successfully ranked the GMB profile in the local 3-pack: The GMB profile of Skkanda House of Jewellery was consistently ranked in the top three search results for the most searched keywords related to jewellery stores in the local area.
  2. Displaced multiple competitor business listings: Skkanda House of Jewellery's GMB profile displaced multiple competitor business listings from the top three search results, increasing the visibility and exposure of the store.
  3. Increased engagement and lead generation through the GMB profile: The optimized GMB profile helped potential customers find the store easily and generate more leads, resulting in an increase in-store footfall.
  4. Increased the footfall of the store significantly: The local SEO strategy helped Skkanda House of Jewellery increase its visibility in the local market, resulting in a significant increase in-store footfall and sales.

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Digital Marketing Solutions Implemented

For Skkanda House Of Jewellery we implemented a custom digital marketing strategy that includes:

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