digital marketing for dental clinics official guide 2020. 5 quick and easy ways to attract more dental implant patients.

5 Proven Digital Marketing & SEO Tips for Dental Clinics | Top 5 Dental Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Practice


Thrive during and post COVID using top dental marketing strategies. Learn 5 most effective digital marketing and SEO ideas that dentists use to attract new patients to their dental practice.

Effective marketing is key to the long-term success and growth of any business and dental clinics are no exception. For a dental clinic to grow, a single dentist should be seeing at least 10-30 high-value new patients every month. In order to attract new dental patients consistently, a dental clinic must have a solid digital marketing and SEO plan.

Why is Digital Marketing important for a dental clinic?

We came across an interesting fact while we were working for one of our dental clients. There are 50 – 100 dental clinics in a 3 km radius in the top 50 cities in India and this number is even higher in metro cities.

[Verifiable data acquired from Google Maps]

The number of dental clinics in a given area is increasing every year, especially in good commercial areas of every city. However, the number of patients more or less remains the same. Therefore, in such a competitive industry, not relying on Digital Marketing can be fatal for your practice.

Another benefit of digital marketing

Digital marketing makes even small, local, single branch dental clinics look like a reputable brand. This is arguably the most important benefit of digital marketing for dental clinics. Have you noticed how big brand clinics attract way more patients than regular dental clinics? These big brand dental clinics charge almost double the price charged in regular clinics. In addition, the service provided in these big brand clinics is also not up to the mark as they keep changing the dentists frequently.

Yet most people choose to go to these big brand clinics despite their high price and bad service. This is because most people like and trust branded businesses more than they trust local businesses. Using digital marketing, you can project your single branch dental clinic as a reputable Brand. Projecting your dental clinic as a brand will help you attract a lot more patients. This also helps in converting those patients to loyal long-term returning patients with ease.

We have listed the 5 most important and effective digital marketing strategies. A dentist can leverage these strategies to get more patients to a dental clinic sustainably. In addition, these strategies are very easy & budget-friendly to implement.

Learn how to attract new patients quickly & grow your dental clinic sustainably using these 5 proven digital marketing ideas & strategies.

1. Local SEO For Dental Clinics

Local SEO stands for Local Search Engine Optimization. In other words, Local SEO of a business or a dental clinic is basically making sure your dental clinic gets found online by people searching for a dentist in that locality.

For instance, "Dental clinic near me" and "Dentist near me" is searched 10K - 100K times on Google every month in Bangalore. These statistics are similar in all other big cities in India.

Digital marketing for dentist and dental clinics in Bangalore
Local SEO makes sure that your dental clinic is the first result shown to the patients looking for dental clinics or dentists in your area.

Optimizing your Google My Business listing is the first step in Local SEO. Know how you can improve your Google My Business listing here.

Search result for query - "Dentist in Jayanagar" on Google

digital marketing for dentists in bangalore

Search result for query - "Dentist in Indiranagar" on Google

digital marketing for dentists in bangalore

Benefits of Local SEO:

Most of the patients searching for a dentist in Jayanagar and Indiranagar areas will end up going to one of these top three ranked dental clinics in their respective areas as shown in the Google search result images above.

Notice the "website" button appearing with all three top Google search results in the images above. This means all of these dental clinics have their own brand website, which they have linked with their Google my business listing. Websites help to boost local business ranking by a lot.

To get a highly optimized brand website for your dental clinic, contact us today.

In conclusion, if you improve the Local SEO of your dental clinic, your dental clinic could also end up in the top three results in Google search. Therefore, this could help you get hundreds of new patients from Google who are looking for dentists.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you fix your Google My Business listing: Google My Business Guide.

Here's a video from Luc Durand to help make the most of Google My Business and also boost your ranking in search results:

2. Engaging Website For Dental Clinics

Having a website for your business or dental clinic projects your clinic as a brand. It sets your dental clinic apart from all the neighboring clinics.

A website acts as a 24X7 online version of your dental office reception

A website is like an online version of your dental clinic. It is the version of your dental clinic that is accessible by every prospect irrespective of how far the prospect is from your actual dental clinic. This effectively means that your dental clinic in Indiranagar is accessible by prospects in Jayanagar even though they are 15 kilometers away. These prospects in Jayanagar can easily visit your website, know about your services, compare the prices, read your previous patients' reviews, book an appointment and visit your clinic over the weekend. Even if you don't have multiple branches of your clinic, a website will make your clinic accessible to every prospect online in the neighboring area and beyond.

And, yes, it's very common for dental patients to go to dental clinics in different areas if it's a recommended clinic or if it's a brand clinic. A good website caters to both of these requirements, previous patient's recommendations as well as branding.

Isn't that amazing? Opening a new branch in a different area could have cost you a fortune. However, with a website, you can increase brand awareness, build trust, establish brand authority and capture leads from different areas at just a fraction of that cost. A website gives you 70% - 90% of the outreach, visibility & approachability of a physical branch at just 1% - 2% cost!

Online Branding Through Website

Additionally, having a website for your dental clinic increases the clinic's brand value. And with high brand value comes a high inflow of new patients. As discussed earlier, people trust brands a lot more than local businesses. And nothing gives a boost to your dental clinics' brand value like a professional and engaging website.

An engaging dental website will help you build a community that trusts you, buys from you, and refers you to their friends and family. Thereby giving you an edge, a winner's edge in the market.

To get an engaging website for your dental clinic, contact us today.

Read our detailed blog on website design cost in India to understand in detail all the prices involved in the design and development of a business website.

Example Of An Engaging Dental Website

Clove Dental is a good example of an engaging dental website.

marketing for dentists in inida

3. Social Media Marketing For Dental Clinics

An average adult spends about 40 minutes on YouTube and about 35 minutes on Facebook (source: Social Media Today). There are over a billion users on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

And with the introduction of Jio in India, I don't think there is anyone in metro and tier 1 cities without a social media account.

The potential patients you are looking for to grow your dental practice are definitely on social media. You just have to present your brand and services to them through social media.

We have helped our clients at ABS generate tons of leads and customers from social media. Social media marketing can deliver 7X - 10X ROI on ad spends when properly optimized. In our 4+ years of experience as digital marketers, we have consistently gotten the highest ROI in ads spends on social media platforms, especially Facebook & Instagram compared to other digital marketing channels.

Examples of dentists advertising on Facebook to generate new patient leads for their dental clinics.

digital merketing for dentists by aero business solutions

Facebook posts such as these generate hundreds of leads for dentists every month. When used effectively, Social Media Marketing can propel your dental clinic to the stratosphere.

Note: Use of offers and coupons should be carried out within the ethical boundaries. Posting false or absurd offers can at best result in you losing the customer/patient and at worst result in damaging your reputation permanently.

Also, providing "Free" dental services has been banned in India. Now dentists in Indian can only provide free consultations but not free services.  Please refer to advertisement guidelines provided by Dental Authorities in India before running any ads.

Here is a step by step guide to help you with your Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing Guide

Additionally, you can get a FREE consultation form a social media marketing expert at ABS.

Sabka Dentist has built a very engaging community of 2,23,000 followers on Facebook. Check it out here.

digital marketing for dentist in bangalore

Here's a perfect video from Niel Patel to help you get started with Social Media Marketing and start getting followers:

4. PPC or Online Advertisements For Dental Clinics

Setting up Google My Business, Website, and Social Media account is like getting a Ferrari. But what's the point of getting a Ferrari if you don't put any fuel in it.

PPC Advertisements are essential to Google My Business, Website and Social Media accounts like Petrol is essential to a Ferrari.

Online PPC advertisements are nothing like print advertisements. These online ads are cheap, reliable, measurable, trackable and scalable.

You can start PPC ads with a budget as low as Rs. 40 / day on Facebook.

Trying out PPC ads on your own is okay but you could end up losing money without getting any results and such an experience could make you lose confidence in PPC ads.

If you are running PPC ads on your own, you should start with a small monthly budget and you should not give up easily if you don't get positive results initially.

My recommendation would be to hire a dental marketing expert who knows what he is doing. You may spend some money on the marketer but an experienced PPC advertiser can get you much better results in much lesser time.

You can avail a Free Consultation on PPC ads from ABS. Click the chat icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to get more details.

Here is a step by step guide to help you with your Facebook advertisements: Facebook Ads Guide.

Examples of PPC ads on Google and Facebook for dental practices -

ppc ads for dentist aero business solutions

facebook ppc ads for dentists

5. Patient Experience For Dental Clinics

There is no tip or a magic trick to help you get around a good patient experience and still grow your dental practice.

Without good patient service and patient experience, your dental clinic will never grow. Your dental clinic might be able to survive without implementing the first 4 points mentioned in this post but if ignore this point, your business is bound to fail sooner or later.

It's a bit harsh I know, but there is no other way to emphasize the importance of customer/patient service and experience.

Here is how you can provide better customer/patient service and experience.

  • Provide a unique experience to your customers. This unique experience can be the ambiance of your dental clinic or the way a patient is welcomed and talked to during his/her visit to the clinic.
  • Customer/patient experience includes (but not limited) the following points -
    • Is the receptionist receiving patients in a friendly way?
    • How well is your customer/patient greeted when they enter or exit your clinic
    • Is the dentist educating the patient in a friendly way?
    • How well does a dentist follow up with his patient's post-treatment
  • Customer/patient experience is basically the interaction the patient had with you, your staff and your clinic in general.

A step by step guide to help you improve customer experience: Customer Experience Guide

Watch this video to get a better understanding of customer experience and customer service.

5. WhatsApp Business For Dentists

WhatsApp Business is a powerful tool that dentists can use to grow their practice and improve communication with their patients. This messaging platform has over 2 billion users globally and provides an easy and accessible way for dentists to connect with their patients.

Here are some ways that dentists can use WhatsApp Business to grow their practice:

  • Appointment scheduling: With WhatsApp Business, patients can easily schedule appointments with their dentist without having to make a phone call. This feature is especially useful for patients who may have busy schedules and find it difficult to call during office hours. The dentist can provide patients with their available time slots, and the patient can confirm their preferred time without having to leave the WhatsApp app.
  • Reminders and follow-ups: Dentists can use WhatsApp Business to send appointment reminders and follow-up messages to their patients. These messages can include information about upcoming appointments, post-treatment care instructions, or tips for maintaining good oral health. This helps patients feel cared for and supported, which can lead to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Answering patient queries: WhatsApp Business allows dentists to easily and quickly answer patient queries. Patients can send pictures of their teeth or describe their symptoms, and the dentist can respond with advice or recommendations. This feature can save patients time and money as they may not need to come into the clinic for every query or concern they have.
  • Marketing and promotions: WhatsApp Business can be used to send marketing messages and promotions to patients. Dentists can send out reminders for routine check-ups or offer discounts on specific treatments. This can help keep patients engaged with their practice and lead to increased revenue.
  • Patient feedback: Dentists can use WhatsApp Business to ask for patient feedback after their visit. Patients can share their experiences and provide valuable insights that can help dentist improve their practice. This feedback can be used to improve the patient experience, increase patient retention, and attract new patients.

In order to use WhatsApp Business effectively, dentists need to ensure that they have a dedicated business account and are compliant with local data privacy regulations. They should also inform patients of the service and ensure that they have consent to use WhatsApp for communication.

In conclusion, WhatsApp Business is a powerful tool that dentists can use to grow their practice and improve patient communication. By using this platform to schedule appointments, send reminders and follow-ups, answer patient queries, market their services, and ask for feedback, dentists can provide better patient care and increase revenue.

7. Email Marketing for Dentists

Email marketing can be a powerful tool for dentists to grow their practice and attract new patients. Here are some ways a dentist can leverage email marketing:

  • Build and Nurture Relationships: Email marketing can help dentists build and nurture relationships with their patients. They can use email to send regular newsletters, appointment reminders, and other helpful information to keep patients engaged and informed about their dental health.
  • Promote Special Offers and Services: Dentists can use email marketing to promote special offers and services to their patients. This can include discounts on teeth whitening, dental implants, or other high-value services.
  • Encourage Referrals: Email marketing can be an effective way to encourage patients to refer their friends and family to the dentist. Dentists can offer incentives for referrals or simply ask patients to share their positive experiences with others.
  • Stay Top of Mind: By sending regular emails, dentists can stay top of mind with their patients. This can be especially effective for patients who may not need dental services right away but may in the future.

Advantages of Email Marketing Over Other Forms of Digital Marketing for a Dentist:

  • Cost-Effective: Email marketing is generally more cost-effective than other forms of digital marketing, such as paid advertising or social media marketing.
  • Highly Targeted: Dentists can target their email marketing campaigns to specific patient groups based on demographics, past appointment history, or other factors.
  • High ROI: Email marketing typically has a high return on investment (ROI), as it can be used to promote high-value services to existing patients who are more likely to convert.
  • Personalization: Email marketing allows dentists to personalize their messages to individual patients, making them feel more valued and engaged.

Read this detailed article to learn more about email marketing for dentists.


In conclusion, digital marketing has become an essential part of growing a successful dental practice. With the increasing competition in the dental industry, it is essential to stand out by implementing innovative marketing strategies that can attract new patients and retain existing ones. The top 7 digital marketing ideas we have discussed in this article, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, online reviews, paid advertising, video marketing, and content marketing, can all help dentists reach their marketing goals and achieve long-term success. By adopting these strategies and continuously improving their marketing efforts, dentists can build a strong online presence, increase their patient base, and ultimately grow their dental practice.

Need Help?

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Todd P. Briscoe, DDS
Todd P. Briscoe, DDS
1 year ago

Thank you for this informative article! I agree that SEO activities and experts are a great help in marketing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. And like what was stated, as the competition in the dentistry market increases and the customer rate decreases, establishing an identity in the community is a must. I found this site [website] and it has good marketing and website. I’m just wondering what should be done if, amidst strong marketing, the profit is still the same as before?

Divya S
Divya S
1 year ago

Couldn’t agree more about the patient experience point. Getting the patient to visit once is easy. getting them to come back again for their future needs is a real test of a good doctor.