How to create a website for free in 2023 | 15 Best Free Business Website Builders in 2023

Here are some excellent choices to create a website for free in 2023. Whether you’re planning to create a personal website or are experimenting with a new startup idea, there are plenty of options to publish a website on the internet completely free of cost. In 2023, creating and publishing a business website is simple and can be accomplished without spending a dime. Read on the find out how.

This article explains how to begin creating a free website, but keep in mind that sometimes hiring professional website developers is a better choice for businesses since they do not have any design, features, and functionality restrictions.

Best free website builders in 2023

  1. Google My Business – 1 Page Local business website builder
  2. Webnode – Free small informational website builder
  3. WordPress – A free website builder that offers unlimited free blogs
  4. Blogspot – Another free website builder that offers unlimited free blogs
  5. GoDaddy
  6. Elementor
  7. Wix
  8. Hubspot
  9. Webflow
  10. Strikingly – Free eCommerce & Business Website Builder.

Benefits of free website builders

  1. Get started without spending any money
  2. Publish information about your business online
  3. Publish information about your products and services online
  4. Offer your customers a way to contact you online
  5. Suitable for students and small one-time events.

Disadvantages of free website builders

  1. You cannot have a custom domain name with free website builder plans
  2. Very basic website designs
  3. Limited customization options
  4. Not suitable for serious startups, businesses, and enterprises
  5. Cannot sell products effectively on free websites
  6. Cannot collect online payments
  7. Limited digital marketing options
  8. Limited branding options
  9. Website scaling is not possible
  10. Limited pages, images, and videos


How do you choose the best website builder for you when there are so many available, both free and paid?

The key thing to keep in mind is that your choice is entirely personal. What features do you want from a website builder? What are the service offerings that you will not compromise on? Do you want to establish a certain kind of website, and can you do it using a free website builder service?

The primary elements you want from a website builder should be highlighted when you list your demands and objectives. The top website builders on the market may then be compared to those characteristics.

It’s now simple to trial before you buy because so many website builders offer money-back guarantees or free plans.

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